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The Art Eater Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

Its the 20th Anniversary of Nintendo's influential hand-held console, Game Boy Advance. We talk about our favorite GBA games plus hidden gems you should find and try that were created during this golden era of games.

Mar 14, 2021

MS-DOS Nightmare colors, Book of Enoch metrosexuals, Saturday morning cartoons with insanity and the weird but real era of celebrity nonsense game tie-ins. It feels like 3AM...


Mar 13, 2021

A casual episode where Richmond is joined by @AJMattis, @Beefy_Kunoichi and @Thomasorus to dicuss things we such as the music of Osamu Shoji, Cyberfunk and in-game radio stations and more. James introduces us to his folder - 3AM Games spawned by Grasshopper's Let it Die.

*This episode spawned our new podcast lane, 3am...